It's Spring in the Studio!
It's spring in the studio and quickly transitioning to summer! It can be hard to tell by the weather here in northern California. I contrast the weather here to weather back in Connecticut by describing that it's like there's no summer and winter here--just spring and fall. We don't get the extremes in temperature so the season transitions are more subtle.
A few notes this week:
  • I've continued to work with the boulder opals and more specifically the lighter colors and pastels of wood fossil and pipe opals--love them!

  • Adding fringe to these stones opens up all new color combinations--so fun!

  • I didn't schedule shows over the summer so I can visit family (that now involves traveling back east!) and preparing for the fall/holiday shopping season.

  • I am shipping out to a few galleries this week so a lot of pieces will be unavailable imminently so if there is something you have had your eye on, this is a heads up.
I am putting out a custom ring option. If you are interested in a tangled vines ring in your size, I have the stones in the photo below available. Email me wendy@fussjewelry.com, if you would like a quote. The combinations below range from $615 to $1,495. If one of the stones below appeals to you but in one of my other ring styles reach out and I'll see if it can work!

Enjoy May wherever you are! 
Behind the scenes snippets of my latest Boulder Opal Necklace...
Happy, Happiest Holidays!

I'm writing this Thanksgiving morning--the oven is preheating for the pies, the three kids are all home from college, and I'm looking forward to an easy day of chatter, laughter and AMAZING food.


During the busy shopping and gifting days ahead I amp up the effort to get your purchases out the door within one or two days and even the same day when possible. I know how critical it is to have items on the list checked off and whether it's a gift or the perfect pair of earrings for an important holiday party, I aim to do my part to get you your purchase promptly. I truly appreciate it when you've chosen my handiwork as a special gift for yourself or someone else.


If you have specific questions about delivery times, please email wendy@fussjewelry.com and I'll let you know how soon you can expect to receive a particular item.



My Studio Assistant and a Fresh Shop!

Mostly she keeps herself busy by finding odd places to sleep...

This is my first blog post now that I've moved my online shop--welcome! Here I'll preview new work, or show works in progress, announce sales/specials and anything else going on in the studio. Hope you'll check back! Updates also happen on my facebook page (link below.)

Below are a few pieces new this week...

More to come soon! I appreciate your patience while I get this all up and running!