Dendritic Agate Growth Medallion


It was a struggle for awhile trying to figure out what to do with this lovely dendritic agate. I decided on a rather monochromatic color scheme with intricate fused wire work to add delicate detail.

The agate is set behind a freeform oval of oxidized silver. I cut and shaped tiny pieces of argentium silver wire and fused them to the surface of the silver sheet to project the growth suggested by the dendrites. This ability to fuse, rather than soldering silver, makes intricate patterns as this possible without the potential clean-up issues of soldering. To add more interest and sparkle I added seven smoky quartz in 14k tube settings off to one side.

The medallion is strung on faceted beads of cognac quartz with one draped in clustered freshwater pearls and 14k gold.

The necklace adjusts from 16 to 18 inches with a hook clasp and extender chain.