Australian Wood Fossil Opal with Rainbow Sapphire and Tourmaline Fringe


This wood fossil opal displays gorgeous green and blue flash with pink shades at the edges where just a touch of the matrix stone can be seen. I've set it in a 22k gold bezel on a baseplate of 22k gold/silver bimetal. Pink sapphire, pink tourmaline, apatite and green sapphires cluster along the lower edge on 14k gold. Chain is 14k and measures 16 inches long. The pendant measures 7/8" by 1".

 *Bimetal features a layer of high-karat 22-karat yellow gold pressure-bonded to a layer of bright Argentium® Silver. The gold constitutes a full 10% of the overall weight and the Argentium constitutes the remaining 90%. The front of the piece shows the gold layer and the back is silver. This is a cost-efficient way to achieve the warm look of gold jewelry.