Boulder Opal + Turquoise Sprouting Neckpiece


Oh, this boulder opal. What a stunner! Vivid sky blues against a backdrop of seafoam green, topped by crystal tones of periwinkle and aqua flash. I've added stones that reflect some of these colors back--khazakstan turquoise, chalcedony, watermelon tourmaline, australian turquoise, dumortierite in quartz. Growing up between these gorgeous stones are whimsical silver sprouts and 18k gold and silver flowers. Clusters of tanzanite and turquoise spring up in a few spots with draped chains running between. And below the boulder opal is a specimen of black widow mine turquoise with a wire wrapped link of 14k gold.

This necklace adjusts between 16 and 18 inches with a hook clasp and extender chain.

Argentium silver, 22k gold bezels, 18k flowers and 14k wire.