SOLD Pink Sapphire Gem Weave Spring Bouquet Earrings


I've combined a couple of my signature techniques in this earring. I began with these luscious pink sapphires and wrapped them in bright argentium* silver. They are framed above in wire petals with a fringe of stones--more pink sapphires, amethyst and mandarin garnet. Below, and able to swing freely, is an arc of gemstone beads woven in my gem weave style--rose quartz, citrine, pink sapphire, amethyst and mandarin garnet. These earrings are bright and spirited and will maintain the color burst of a spring garden no further than your ears.

About 2 1/2 inches in length.


*About Argentium Silver

Argentium sterling silver is a silver alloy where most of the copper has been replaced by germanium which lends greatly enhanced tarnish resistance over standard sterling. It is .935 silver--more pure silver than .925 sterling. In addition, argentium sterling is produced using only recycled silver.