Tangerine + Lavender Opal, Dendrites and Midnight Branches


This is a stone collection of soft lavender and mauve, warm brown and bright citrus orange. At the center is dendritic agate with branching flourishes, wrapped in 22k gold. It is joined by a lavender and orange stripey boulder opal, an amethyst sage agate, laguna agate and fossilized coral. Dangling beneath the dendritic agate are two orange dendritic agates sprouting from a silver branch. And the other four main stones have a pink tourmaline wrapped in 22k dangling below. 

Each of the 5 stones are linked by a leafy silver branch. At the top of each branch is a flower with a cluster of rhodolite garnets on 14k pins at the center. The doubled chain adjusts from 16 to 18 inches and features pink sapphires at intervals on 14k pins. The stone focal section at the front measures about 5 inches in width.